Home is Where the Farm Is: Tiny Houses for Farmers

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Affordable Housing Community Conversations

to Discuss Tiny House Solutions


Enjoy the new video slide show online!


Next Working Group meeting: Wednesday, March 22nd in Honoka’a 6:30pm


Testify a big YES! to the State Senate here.


email greenschool@oneisland.org for directions


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More Farmers Farming More Land Means More Food.

What do new farmers need to make that happen?

Affordable Land Access, Water and Housing.


Tiny Houses are a simple and safe solution to getting more farmers living on the land and farming more food.

Learn about the legislative efforts One Island is championing to promote Tiny Houses in Hawaii.


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One comment on “Home is Where the Farm Is: Tiny Houses for Farmers
  1. Hugh Conway says:

    Tiny House…….Interesting, this is something new? Only new in name, We all built and lived in small dwellings when we pioneered here 40 years ago. They were just small dwellings, cabins, etc. My 12 X 16 cabin still stands, is still occupied, is still sound. Nothing new or innovative here, it is not some newly discovered world saver. An old (though good)idea with a new name.

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