Green Reads, Films, and Eco-Calculators

indefensefoodOne Island recommends  the following books, films and resources to expand your Sustainable Living library of knowledge. Use your library catalog to locate a good read (a great way to re-use resources in your local community), purchase directly from the author’s web site below, at a local bookseller (who is an important part of your community’s economy), or order online (if so, you can consolidate online orders to lessen the non-renewable fuel delivery transportation impact of each book).




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Books, Voice  and Films (Hawaii Authors noted by *) greenhawaii2


Paul Hawken  Blessed Unrest

Michael Pollan In Defense of Food, Omnivores Dilema, Botany of Desire

The Big Picture  David Suzuki

Betraying Nature  David Suzuki

Animal,Vegetable,Miracle  Barbara Kingsolver

All Over Creation  Ruth Ozeki

The  Real Dirt on Farmer John  at PBS

Food Inc.

Pathways to  Abundant Gardens from Hawaii’s Permanent Agriculture Resources*

Small Wind Projects for Hawaii US Dept of Energy

ASES Solar and Green Jobs on Heartbeat of America

Medicine at Your Feet David Bruce Leonard *

Getting  Real about the  Real Cost of Cheap Food  Time Magazine






Hands On Projects  container_gardening2



The Solar Food Dryer at Mother Earth News

Self -Watering Container  Gardening at Mother Earth News

Container  Gardening in Hawaii by Janet Crowl *

Green Hawaii by Kevin Whitton *






Other Resource and Calculators


Ecological Footprint Calculator from Global Footprint

Carbon Footprint Calculator  from the Nature Conservancy







Earth Resource Clock

Food Clock