LOCAL GREEN ECONOMY – Jobs Training and Green Business Incubator

One Island is building a Green Jobs Training program and a Green Business Incubator. Both are Rural Economic Development programs aimed at equalizing rural access to the New Green Economy. See the new Hawaii County Green Economy Report here.


There is a wellspring of valuable untapped intellectual capital in rural Hawaii and we invite the West Hawaii community’s collaboration to bring these fresh ideas, inventions, and green products to market.


Our Green Jobs Training includes energy efficiency, solar energy,  sustainable agriculture, greening travel options,  GIS resource  management mapping, natural products and services, & health and wellness training. To date, we have provided Green Jobs training for oover 50 people.

One Island’s Green Business Incubator assists local and start-up businesses in developing Green Economy opportunities through training, business planning, and grants writing services. Bringing new products to market, opening new markets for green products, and adopting green practices are all part of this transformation of the 21st century marketplace.

To help convene green innovation converstiosn and planning, One Island hosts the Sustainability Innovation Challenge Award. Inventors in any green living category are invited to submit an entry and a panel of judges reviews the applicants and selectes the contest winners.

Contact hawaii@one-island.org to learn more and sign up for small group workshops and individual training support.

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