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One Canoe offers San Juan County residents increased opportunities to access fresh, local produce and engaging learning experiences, 2019-2021. Program resources are aimed at improving individual, family and community health and well-being. To sign-up for our events newsletter, please send a request in the message box at the bottom of this page.

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 During 2020-21, San Juan County residents are invited to receive healthy, organic produce through our Veggie Rx Food and Nutrition program. Qualified participants receive up to $30 a month in produce funds.
Due to the impacts of COVID, we have been able to offer carefully coordinated farm stand visits along with produce pick ups at the Orcas Food Coop and the San Juan Islands Food Hub.
Our One Canoe Passport rewards participants who undertake learning activities at home as well, including selecting nutrition and healthy lifestyle readings, films, and online workshops.


Households that qualify for free produce benefits may also qualify to enroll in Fresh Bucks, Senior Farmers Market Program, and/or Veggie Rx to receive cost saving discounts for produce and home garden plant purchases.

The ONE CANOE food program is bringing local and healthy produce purchasing power to San Juan County participants Sept. 2019 – June 2021 on San Juan and Orcas Islands.

Pre-qualification and enrollment period began in June 2020 and is ongoing. Individuals and households on SNAP, WIC, Apple Health, Medicaid, Veterans and low-income, at-risk medical patients are eligible to participate in the coupon and at-register discount services. To learn if you qualify, email or leave a message at 360-842-3573.
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How it Works
Thanks to support from the USDA and management by the One Island 501c3 organization, ONE CANOE is bringing over $50,000 in fresh food access, culinary workshops, food garden supplies, chef demos, films and farm stand experiences to limited income and health challenged individuals and households.
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Community Partners include Community Resource Centers on San Juan, Orcas and Lopez, County Department of Health, the WIC and SNAP ED programs, Orcas Food Co-op, San Juan Islands Food Hub, and local farms and farmers’ markets.
Registered participants can pre-qualify to receive produce coupons or at-register discounts that can be used at the Orcas Food Coop, San Juan Islands Food Hub, at participating farmers’ markets, during special farm stand events, and through selected CSA produce subscription programs.
How to Enroll in 2021
This year, enrollment is done directly through One Canoe by emailing or leaving a message at 360-842-3573. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and town you live in. We will then mail you an enrollment packet.
Pre-qualification: USDA funding for this pilot project allows One Canoe to provide support to households on SNAP, WIC, Apple Health Care, Medicaid, Veterans, and high health risk, low income seniors, children and individuals. When a participant opts to enroll in the Veggie Rx ‘food as medicine’ component, approval from a health care provider enables them to receive  free produce coupons as part of a food and nutrition education and access program.


Local Farms are Good for Our Health!


Project History
2020 Enrollment activities:
One Canoe partnered with the Community Resource Centers on Orcas, San Juan and Lopez,  the ORcas Senir Center, and San Juan County SNAP Ed and WIC, to identify the pilot group participants. We conducted outreach, enrollment, and health care screening, to qualify participants. The program operated a Veggie Rx coupon distribution program June – December 2020 and offered COVID-19 safe shopping options. The advent of COVID-19 required flexibility and redesigns. We greatly appreciated our front line program partners’ problem solving skills and ongoing support.
2020 events: 
ONE CANOE was a speaker at the Orcas Food Co-op’s EQUITABLE and AFFORDABLE ACCESS  Community Conversation on January 19th, Odd Fellows Hall, Eastsound WA. ONE CANOE also participated in the Ag Summit for San Juan County, Feb 7-8 at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island. The program began issuing coupons for June-December use for fresh produce purchases at: Orcas Island Farmers Market (including Morningstar Farm, West Beach Farm, Maple Rock Farm and Lum Farm), the Orcas Food Coop, the San Juan Islands Food Hub, and at special educational farm stand activities at Maple Rock Farm, Lum Farm, and Orcasong Farm. A highlight of the year was a bonus Thanksgiving Bounty box of USA produce, and an Aloha Box with end of the year nutritious fried foods from Hawaii, provided by One Canoe. The project also provided produce to the Orcas Senior Center and the County WIC program participants that qualified for produce.


Fall 2019 events:
ONE CANOE provided $590 in produce coupons for Savor the San Juans farm tours, Sept 21-22 on San Juan Island and Sept 28-29 on Orcas Island. Qualified participants received $30 in coupons for use at approved farms during these fun weekend tours. Getting to Know Your Farmer is an important social, economic, and nutrition connection!


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4 comments on “One Canoe local and healthy food program
  1. Vibha golem says:

    Thank you for doing this. I’m very interested in fresh produce and healthy eating .

  2. Marlia says:

    It’s been great to be a part of One Canoe. ESPECIALLY appreciate coupons. MRF included. Excited about KISS THE GROUND. Hoping it works out 4 me tonight. My talk with Robin–the nurse –was ESPECIALLY helpful & educational. THANKS to ALL of One Canoe & those WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED. Marlia

  3. Bonita Beaston says:

    Thank you so very much, I picked up a bag of beautiful, fresh produce at Lum Farm it was all freshly picked and delicious.

  4. Angie Metts says:

    Thank you so very much for this program! It has been quite instrumental in my efforts to improve my health and well-being following the death of my husband. I am so grateful and would like to volunteer in the future.

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