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New SNAP / EBT & Veggie Rx Program



couponSNAP / EBT participants in Hamakua, North and South Kohala, and North and South Kona, may be eligible for free, fresh, local fruit and vegetable coupons provided by the Same Canoe Local Food Challenge. This program’s focus is to increase purchase and consumption of healthy fresh produce and helps connect buyers to local foods and  farmers. Goal: grow the local ag economy and increase food security.

More Local, More Better!


Two Options – SNAP Coupon or Veggie Rx

1) Earn up to $160 in free coupons, from $10 up to $40 a month, by providing matching shopping receipts or by participating in qualified food, health or nutrition classes and events.


Click to read the SNAP Coupon invitation


2) Earn an additional $160 in free coupons and produce when enrolled through a participating health care provider and attending their health education programs. Ask your health provider about VEGGIE Rx (see list of participating providers below).


Click to read the Veggie Rx Invitation for West Hawaii Community Health Centers

For Hamakua-Kohala Health


How to Participate as a SNAP Coupon User

Enroll in person at a Same Canoe table at a location and date shown below. Once enrolled, you can start saving your  EBT produce receipts showing fresh fruit and veggie purchases.


Each month you can trade in $20- $80 in qualified EBT produce purchase receipts to receive $10-40 in coupons for fresh, LOCAL, fruits and vegetables. Match is 2:1 – each $20 in EBT produce purchases earns you $10 in coupon dollars.

Get Veggie Rx for Top Benefits

donna-maltz-300x200If you are a patient at one of our approved health care partners, you can reach the highest benefits by enrolling in ‘Healthy Food for Healthy Living’ partner classes and earn up to $320 in total coupons and produce. Ask your health provider about Same Canoe Veggie Rx.

Where and When

These free coupons can be redeemed at specific farmers’ markets, grocers, or for farm CSA box subscriptions through February of 2019. Please enroll at the locations and dates listed below. We are at most locations once a month; every community has several locations so you can find us 3 or more times each month by visiting different locations.


Veggie Rx HKH 1 toprint 012418

Once you have received coupons, they are good at the above locations during all open hours through February, 2019.


Healthcare partners include: West Hawaii Community Health Center, Hamakua-Kohala Health, Island Heart Care, Hui Malama Ola Na Oiwi, and private practitioners listed on our web site. If you are a patient, ask them about VEGGIE Rx and receive extra benefits and coupons.


Project partners include: One Island Sustainable Living, the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, local farmers and healthy food retailers, cafes, food trucks and restaurants.


Project sites include: Hamakua Harvest, Hawi, Kamuela, Kona Sunset, Keauhou and Pure Kona Farmers’ Markets – as well as Island Naturals, Healthways, Choice Mart, Takata Store and Kohala Gown Market every month in 2018. Plus special events like the Culinary Arts Under the Stars, Kohala JAMboree and more.

Farm Fresh is Best!

 Press coverage:

West Hawaii Today, Sept 12, 2017


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