San Juan Makers Guild

The San Juan Makers Guild is a new service initiative with the intent of bringing together individual makers, existing maker groups, and community partners to help support and grow creative industry makers in all fields. The geographic zone for this Guild is San Juan County in Washington State.
Visit the Guild’s web site at:
fall 2019 2 20The San Juan Makers Guild serves artists, artisans, food producers, authors, film and media makers, designers, manufacturers, and event/media developers as a support network bridging multiple creative industries. The Guild’s mission it to foster and promote locally made products, increase public engagement, and undertake strategic economic strengthening. A core value of the Guild is celebrating and sharing the unique island landscapes, cultural expressions, artistic gifts, agriculture, ingenuity and natural resources of San Juan County, Washington.
As a dynamic professional and business development organization the Guild provides workshops, marketing services, community education programs, and special events that serve emerging and established small business enterprises. Guild services will broaden markets for local products, increase local employment opportunities, provide mentoring, build a year-round economy, and demonstrate viable pathways for future creative entrepreneurs.
While directly strengthening the creative and business operations capacities of local Maker industries and Maker groups, the San Juan Makers Guild also builds relationships among tourism, retail, government and agriculture sectors with the aim of improving economic resiliency across San Juan’s rural island communities.

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