Education is the foundation of One Island’s work – changing our behavior to better match our values is one of the greatest challenges in the sustainability movement. How DO we walk our talk? How do we navigate the sea of change?


One way is to learn together and find practices that work for us, every day. Learning circles allow us the important opportunnity to share in our struggles and our accomplishments. Neighbor to neighbor, there is a potential leader in every chair in the community learning circle and during our classroom-without-walls programs.


Education Programs we offer  – in person and online from anywhere:


In person Learning Circles and workshops


The Green School: Youth and adult learning programs


Food: How to Grow It, How to Prepare and Preserve It, Reclaiming our Local Food System, Gleaning with No Fruit Left Behind, Same Canoe Community Gardens


Energy: Saving Energy, Renewable Options


Watersheds: Where are they and what is our role as stewards?


Arts and Culture: Painting, printmaking, music, poetry, photography, sculpture, costumes, native fibers, papermaking


Health and Wellness: Back Health, Brain Power, Heart Math, Qi Gong, Massage, Aromatherapy, Yoga and more


Natural Resources: Where does our water come from? Soil creation and conservation, marine conservation, wildlife habitat.


Distance Learning – connecting and learning via the Internet


Full Circle Learning Network – check out the great Hawaiian culture, history and science resources


Sustainable Lifestyles – green living primer


Wellness Library – multi-media resources for One Island members