Green Business Makes Sense

For medium and small businesses—which comprise 90 percent of the
businesses in the world and represent more than 60 percent of all global
economic activity—there has been little practical guidance available on the
basic steps and systematic process involved in greening a business. For smaller
businesses, both the choice—and the action necessary—to create a successful and
sustainable business may be in the hands of a single person. Whatever the size
of your business and whatever steps you may have already taken, there are many
more opportunities awaiting as you begin the journey to a greener and more
sustainable business.

WHY: Four Reasons to Green a Business that Make Sense

First, human civilization faces an array of profound environmental problems that
have already begun to negatively affect the foundations of life on this
planet—with human-induced climate change at the very top of the list.

Second, business, in all its forms, is the only force on earth with enough reach, clout,
personnel, and assets to confront and correct the most serious environmental
problems that face humanity.

Third, every single business in the world has both the ability and the opportunity to thrive and prosper by becoming more sustainable in every phase of its operations and, in doing so, become part of the solution to these critical problems.

And finally, though creating a “green” and sustainable business can be an immensely complex task, the basic steps to doing so can be made both straightforward and understandable to any business owner.

 HOW: See the recommended 21 Steps to Green Your Business to start an action plan.