Green Think Tours

One Island hosts three type of Green Think tours:

Mauka-Makai Watershed Tours revealing connections between mountain and sea

kbay 1








kbay 2

















Ka’u with the Nature Conservancy, Kealakekua with the Hawaii Land Trust, North Kohala at Kumau Ranch and Starseed Ranch


Green Building Tours with Food and Music






lwave 15


bolo 15







food 15L


Light Wave Bamboo Pavilion with music by Bolo and a local food lunch, Holualoa














Hi’Ilani Ecohouse Tour and Tamale Making Workhop, Hamakua


susan books









barn 20


paper 1

Algood Farm Bamboo and Clay Barn and Handmade paper book making workshop, North Kohala


Local Farm Tours about Food, Gardening, and Knowing Your Farmers











1-Fish in the  tank to start the aquaponics                                 Waterflow                                                                   2 - To the gravel bed for biofiltration solids removal









stan 2


Agriculture – from ancient Hawaiian practices to Aquaponics

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