Health & Wellness

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Sustainability is not just about tools and techniques ‘out there’ in our homes or community. Sustainability starts with our own individual health and wellness. The inner strength that we develop by healthy living and inspirational practices helps us then better manifest positive outward good works in the world around us. When it comes to your health – who is in charge? YOU are. But our own health is often a natural resource we too easily overlook.


Health and Wellness is a cornerstone of Sustainability. It is also evidence of a value system that holds the compassion to strive for wellness as a community goal. In Hawaii, we face an even greater challenge when it comes to the overall island population’s well-being due to heightened rates of diabetes, heart problems, environmental respiratory and thyroid challenges, and dietary-triggered obesity.


DBLGive Yourself the Gift of better health and wellness. One Island is offering in person and online workshops to help identify and address the health challenges we each may face. From sprouting living foods, to enjoying fermented products, to practicing yoga or receiving a massage, we have many self-care options all around us and that we can do for ourselves. We also host the One Island Wellness Day each spring and the Green Living Celebration each fall. These are all great opportunities to discover practices, products, and practitioners that can help us reach our health improvement goals.


Examples of Health and Wellness Events



Kohala Food and Health Forum and Good Medicine Series with Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey of Wisdom Works; Donna Maltz of Soil to Soul Solutions; Karin Cooke, RN and Lew Whitney of Kokolulu Cancer Retreats and HIQI; Bobbi Bryant of North Hawaii Hospice; Chris Kelly of Prevention Plus; Natalie Young, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary; Dr. Hana Roberts, Naturopathic Physician; Carol R. Ignacio, Hawaii Blue Zones Project; Superfood Chef Todd Dacey; Jan Roberts, Yoga Instructor; County of Hawaii, Margaret Wille; Toni Caravalho, Hamakua-Kohala Health; Stacey Shephard of Kona Family Acupuncture and GAPS


Living an Inspired Life, Qi Gong with Hallie Austen Iglehart Austen


One Island Wellness Day, featuring Kat Harrison and Momi Subiono, Healing Plants, Kathryn Andren, Astrology, Clear Englebert, Feng Shui, Stacey Sheppard, Acupuncture, Philippe Hema, Tai Chi, Claire Zane, Yoga, Annette Rutty, Ayurveda, Island Spirit Spa Massage, Koakane Green, Chiropractic, Nataliya Dmitrieva, Herbal Tea, and Barbara Coffman, Heart Math


The Art of Tea – delightful presentation by two generations of Mauna Kea Tea


Living Foods – Raw and Fermented Foods Hands-on Workshop series with Donna Maltz, Raven Bolas, Ben Cohn, Margaret Stokes


Native American Medicine  – Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science with author Ken Cohen of Colorado


Womens Wellness Retreat with Qi Gong, Lomi Lomi Massage and Aromatherapy


Medicine at Your Feet medicinal plants workshop with David Bruce Leonard


Womens Retreat for Survivors of Abuse with movement and art


All Our Relations storytelling circles


Heart Math workshops with Dana Tomasina and Barbara Coffman