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Ongoing Community Food, Health and Wellness Input welcome by sharing concerns and suggestions on this form.

 (Opening Forum was Monday, February 22nd, 2016 at the Kohala Public Library, 5:30-8pm. Food and Wellness Showcase, 5:30-6, Forum Program, 6-8pm.)

Good Medicine is a non-profit initiative seeding a planning and action circle that is invited to assess and improve the Food, Health and Wellness potential of North Kohala for the enrichment of its local residents. We invite you to join in the planning and action process, to share your voice for constructive improvements, and to work with our esteemed community leaders in making measurable change happen. The first project goal is to foster a community council that strides into the future as an independent, grass roots, community-based voice for North Kohala.


Meet North Kohala’s Food, Health and Wellness Participants and Speakers:




Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey

Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey are residents of Hawi and respected elders and pioneers in the global mindfulness, compassion, and contemplative science movements.  They serve as medical school faculty for University of Minnesota and founders of North Kohala based Wisdom at Work  and their work has inspired thousands of leaders, organizations, and communities around the globe to live with deeper wisdom, creativity, and resilience.  Their published works include: Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in Complex Times;  Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness; and Wisdom at Work.


donna maltz

Donna Maltz – Soil to Soul Solutions– Health is your greatest wealth
There is a very tight relationship between the gut flora that lives inside your digestive system, your immune system and the health of the soil.

85 percent of our immune system is located in the gut wall. A robust immune system, is our number one defense system against disease, made up of trillions of microbes, sustains all the other systems in our bodies.

Robust soil, is a vital living ecosystem, considered the immune system for the earth made up of trillions of microbes, a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. Visit Soil to Soul here.



Karin Cooke, RN and Lew Whitney of Kokolulu Cancer Retreats and HIQI
Kokolulu Farm and Retreats is committed to providing a sanctuary for people facing chronic illness or those wanting to improve their self care skills, support for them emotionally in a healing environment and education to teach them techniques and attitudes to give them courage, strength and love.Visit Kokolulu.





Bobbi Bryant of North Hawaii Hospice
North Hawaii Hospice  provides compassionate care focused on comfort. It is care that meets the unique needs of each person.  Hospice celebrates life.  It allows patients and families to make the most of every day.


chris kelly



Chris Kelly of Prevention Plus
Prevention PLUS  provides schools and other community groups with substance abuse prevention education. Our goal is to reduce the suffering caused by addiction. We don’t use scare tactics, because the truth is scary enough.


natalie young

Natalie Young, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary: Fitness from the Inside Out: Movement and Massage

Movement and therapeutic massage are two potent and practical methods for improving body and mind fitness.   You can enhance the inherent health ( which is within always within you) by participating in classes that are a playful and effective blend of Pilates, Qi Qong, Yoga and dance and self massage treatments that decrease pain and stiffness, You can build your core strength, mobilize and free your joints, keep your connective tissue healthy, increase your stamina, flexibility and energy . Visit Lokahi Garden Sanctuary here.


hana color


Dr. Hana Roberts, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Roberts is an integrative primary care doctor with a practice in North Kohala and Waimea. Her approach draws upon the the best of both ancient wisdom and modern functional medicine. She specializes in IV nutritional therapy. Visit Kohala Wellness.





carol ignacio


Carol R. Ignacio, Hawaii Blue Zones Project

Carol was the founder of the Hawaii Food Basket and is currently the Community Program Manager – Hawaii Island, Blue Zones Project working to promote health, well-being and longevity through proven methods documented in centenarian communities around the world.




todd salad

Superfood Chef Todd Dacey

Todd is a healthy lifestyle activist promoting plant based culinary diets and practices. Visit Longevity Source.




jan roberts


Jan Roberts, Yoga Instructor

With over 40 years of Iyengar teaching experience, Jan Roberts provides a gentle and safe environment to deepen your yoga practice. Weekly classes offered in North Kohala and at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. Visit Jan online.


County of Hawaii, Margaret Wille

Councilmember Margaret Wille represents North and South Kohala with an emphasis on the well-being of the people she serves and the land and natural resources that support us all. Visit Margaret online.



Sweet Potato Kitchen


Sweet Potato Kitchen and Take-Out is a Gluten-Free Kitchen specializing in Non-GMO, Organic and Vegan dishes, using local foods to prepare delicious healthy meals. Visit Sweet Potato online.


hamakua health 2


Toni Caravalho, Hamakua-Kohala Health


Hamakua-Kohala Health serves all people who live in the geographic region known as North Hawaii. We are characterized as rural, ethnically diverse, and under-served in many health professions and we experience various health disparities among at-risk populations. Visit Hamakua-Kohala Health.


FCcolor.kapa-Same Canoe Local Food Challenge


Creating connections, offering choices, and fostering positive behavior change in the Food, Health and Wellness circle of community life. Navigators: Marcy Montgomery and Stephen Shrader. A project of One Island.


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