Gardening UP!

Coffee bags are an abundant natural material resource in our Kona Coffee belt and make excellent vertical garden systems. Bags are suspended from a wired fence tower and plants are added through holes slit in the sides of the tower. Chicken wire core filled with rocks down the center create a perculation tube for watering and reducing volume of soil required for the grow system.

Got Dirt?

What a great day – Gerry Herbert, Bob Shaffer and Nancy Redfeather made presentations at Kawanui Farm for a Same Canoe Workshop. Gerry shared his knowledge about tools and composintg, Bob got deep into soil health, and Nancy updated the crew on the Hawaii Island School Garden Network project. Thanks everyone for making this such a well attended, thought provoking workshop.

Grow it Organic

How to create a home garden is a challenge for many people who have at most gardened in pots or on window ledges. Where to begin?

Una Greenaway of Kuaiwi Farm, an organic farmer in Hawaii for over 35 years, hosted a Same Canoe workshop to showcase -and get our hands in – different soil building, composting, planting, pest resistance and poultry systems she has found successful at her cool mountainside 2200 foot elevation.