Got Soil?

watershed mapOn March 6th One Island hosted a deeply informative workshop with Bob Shaffer on soil – what is it, what creates it? how do we help keep it healthy and thriving? and who lives in it doing all the amazing work below the surface to help grow healthy plants  and FOOD?

We also had an overivew of our watersheds and ahapua’a with Mary Robblee of the Kona Soil and Water Conservation District who shared the history of that organization as it was formed in response to the Dustbowl and the services it currently provides.

If you participated in this learning circle, please share with us the highlights of what you learned – and what you’d like to learn more about! Thanks for your participation.



Worms and Composting

Cultivating earthworms for castings and compost tea is an excellent way to produce your own nutrient rich inputs for your garden. The Same Canoes project linked up with Recycle Hawaii and offered a vermiculture class where Earth Machine composters and worm bins were made available. See One Island’s Buying Club link for information on ordering a worm compost bin system in Hawaii.

Beyond Organics

Beyond Organics is a soil analysis program developed and operated by Dr. Jana Bogs. She came to One Island for a Same Canoe presentation and shared with us startling facts about the direct relationship between the decline in our soil quality and the corresponding decline in nutrients in our current food. An apple a day that had beneficial vitmans and minerals before 1920 would now require TWENTY apples a day to get that same level of nutrition. Her solution? Think beyond just organic growing – improve the quality of our soil.

Jana won the BEST in AGRICULTURE award during the Sustainability Innovation Challenge in 2012.


Got Dirt?

What a great day – Gerry Herbert, Bob Shaffer and Nancy Redfeather made presentations at Kawanui Farm for a Same Canoe Workshop. Gerry shared his knowledge about tools and composintg, Bob got deep into soil health, and Nancy updated the crew on the Hawaii Island School Garden Network project. Thanks everyone for making this such a well attended, thought provoking workshop.

Grow it Organic

How to create a home garden is a challenge for many people who have at most gardened in pots or on window ledges. Where to begin?

Una Greenaway of Kuaiwi Farm, an organic farmer in Hawaii for over 35 years, hosted a Same Canoe workshop to showcase -and get our hands in – different soil building, composting, planting, pest resistance and poultry systems she has found successful at her cool mountainside 2200 foot elevation.