Cacao Journey April 6th

Cacao Journey at One Island

cacao shaman

On April 6th we will have a special opportunity to taste and explore a Guatemalan cacao beverage from the jungle highlands. Come discover what this magical plant offers as a meditative inspiration or inner work companion.

Gathering will be held at One Island on Painted Church Road in Honaunau, 3-7:30pm

If you are aware of what many call “The Shift” that is taking place in human society, this plant has been identified by indigenous and human potential leaders as a companion for this time of great change and emergence.

Cacao is known as an ancient ‘food of the gods’ and has been used for meditation and metaphysical exploration for over 1,000 years in Meso -America. It is known as a Mayan ceremonial sacrament and an Aztec-European  trade good. Scientists recently discovered traces in Ancient Southwest pottery revealing that it was traded from the jungles of Mexico up into pre-Columbian New Mexico more than 800 years ago.

Today we know it as a luxury gift and an empowering super food.  In Hawaii, cacao is becoming a promising new crop for local farmers and local foods cacao and chocolate supporters. Perhaps it also holds additional potential as an assistance in raising human awarness of the social change work needed to reconnect us with a healthier way to live on the earth …

This special Cacao Journey will be led by Gerri McMahon and opens with an afternoon tasting and guided meditation. The journey continues into the early evening with self-reflection, silent walking in the ethnobotanic gardens at One Island, and concludes with a potluck, drumming and fire circle at sunset.

Journey donation $15     RSVP for directions to 

Cacao Shaman art by Solmundo