How to Support Sustainable Agriculture









What We Each Can Do to

Support Sustainable Agriculture


Choose regionally grown and made products that originate in your own

bio-region. They use less fuel to be transported and come straight from

a source in your watershed.



Buy as local as you can from area farmers when ever possible and at restaurants that feature local-grown foods. Consider joining a  CSA –

community supported agriculture – program that ensures local food crops

and field systems stay in production.


Eat more organic fruits and vegetables – their production is much better for the environment, they create fresh air, do not pollute the water and soil, generate millions of tons less greenhouse gases than animal products,

and are a delicious, flavorful, healthy source of vitamins and minerals.

They also sequester more carbon in the soil than conventionally farmed products.


If you buy imported foods from other countries, choose

Fair Trade and Organic to ensure safe agricultural practices

and healthy village and forest communities.


Slow Down. Enjoy your meal and turn food into an experience

 that increases quality of  life. Find out about Slow Foods, Locavore,

and other food movements.


Grow your OWN food – in a pot, on a deck, in your backyard,

at a community garden. Tastes great and ties you into the

sustainable agriculture movement, directly.


Support schools and community gardens to promote healthy living

and smart thinking for all ages and abilities.


Vote to support sustainable agriculture, to protect rural farm systems,

and to grow local agriculture as an economic and lifestyle

choice that is smart AND sustainable.