Full Circle Learning Network


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One Island hosts the online Full Circle Learning  Network campus that was founded in 2004. Full  Circle has developed distance learning content and interactive learning tools in collaboration with schools and students in Hawaii, New Mexico, California, Peru and Micronesia.

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Full Circle brings together educational technology and live field studies to empower students to learn about cultural and environmental topics. They then prepare and contribute their own online content on related thematic subjects. This academic use of the Internet empowers students to leverage 21st century communication tools to attain  multi-media workplace and Green Jobs skills.
New Web, Video, GIS Mapping, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and  Water Quality technology projects are currently underway.

Full Circle’s team have worked on US Department of  Education, USDA Distance Learning, US Dept  of Commerce, HUD Rural Economic Development, Department of  Defense Logistics, California Community Foundation, Western Washington University, University of Southern California, and National  Science  Foundation distance learning projects since 1992.