Wellness Learning Circle Library

Join the Wellness Learning Circle and discover great learning resources in One Island’s Online Wellness Library

hot stone One Island Members are welcome to enjoy the multi-media features in our educational library of learning resources that feature presentations by leading health and wellness innovators. Your annual One Island Membership provides you with access to special presentations by thought provoking speakers, research from noted scientists, case studies from the frontiers of medicine, and resources fellow members of the Wellness Learning Circle have recommended. Our librarian vets and collects these resources for you all in one easy place. The library is a membership benefit that you can use year round.

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Examples of library resources:


  • How to tap into your body’s innate healing power
  • Nutritional techniques that enhance your natural beauty
  • Leading-edge, proven modalities that dramatically decrease stress
  • Processes that reduce or even dissolve chronic pain


  • Meditation techniques to tap the limitless power of the mind
  • Tools to minimize the “monkey” mind and take control of your thoughts
  • The leading edge of brain science
  • Deep insights into the Mind-Body connection


  • Your heart’s quiet but constant guidance
  • How to tap into the powerful electromagnetic heart field
  • Techniques to direct your heart’s healing capacity
  • The important role your heart plays in your Body-Mind connection


  • The deep peace always present at your core
  • Techniques to strengthen your intuition and inner guidance
  • Processes that align you with your divine purpose
  • How to work with healing “guides” and other positive healing forces

Examples of Library Features:

Marianne Williamson Financial Wellness

Bernie Siegel, MD The Art of Healing

David Wolfe How to live longer, look great and have vibrant energy!

Steven Prussack Lean, Healthy, and Thriving: Ultimate Wellness Through Juice Fasting

Marilyn Schlitz Wellness at the End of Life

Shiva Rea Embodying and Living Yoga

Ann Taylor Breathing Techniques for Energy, Ecstasy and Illness Prevention

Sonia Ricotti The 3 Step Proven Formula to Bounce Back Quickly (and Higher than Ever) When Life Knocks You Down

Susun Weed Top Ten Ways to Beat Colds and Flu

Richard Gordon New Human Abilities for Transformation

Brent Phillips Where Science Meets Spirit: The Formula for Miracles

Deborah Skye King Heal Your Deep Core Issues to Experience Freedom

Alison Armstrong Are You Sacrificing Your Well Being For What People Don’t Want?

John Gray How Your Hormones Influence Your Relationships

Anodea Judith The Chakra System as a Template for Transformation

Christie Marie Sheldon Raise Your Consciousness

Emmett Miller, MD Dissolving Stress to Experience Change

Kerry Tepedino Shatter The Toxic Conversation In Your Head & Set Yourself Free Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

Barbara J. Semple What the Ancient Egyptians Knew That We Can Use for Optimal Health Now

Shelley Frankling Holistic Health, Natural Weight Loss and Transformational Living

Laura Silva The Ultimate Mind-Body Healing Practice

Wendi Friesen The new science of mind/body healing and Hypnosis

Esperide Ananas Selfica: Damanhur’s Cutting-edge Research on Intelligent Energies

Sobonfu Some Creating Ritual

John and Ocean Robbins The Food Revolution

Master Mantak Chia Taoist Basic Energy Meditation: Cosmic Inner Smile