Fruit Lovers Fest

On October 27th, over 45 people participated in a farm tour with a pruning and tree care  demonstration, sampled locally grown delicious fruit and chocolate, enjoyed a potluck dinner that included organic non-GMO corn tamales with local pineapple, coconut and peppers, and then learned about – and tasted – exotic tropical fruits from around the world with Jim West of Ecuador. Naka Pierce taught us about low chill stone fruit (peaches, plums, pluots, apples) being grown on special root stock at his nursery that can thrive in Hawaii from sea level to 7,400 feet elevations. Ken Love wrapped up the lovely evening with news about a new grape trial planned for Hawaii.      In Hawaii, peaches, apples and grapes ARE exotics!

A special thanks to our fruit donors: Drew of Cook’s Bounty, Coconut Pete Rabin, Suzie Weaver’s Dragonfruit Farm and Brian Nichols’ farm.
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