Grow Your Own Mushrooms

waxerOur first Mushroom Workshop with Zach Mermel was an exciting dive into the world of fungi. Each participant made three inoculated kits to take home to grow Shiitake and Pearl Mushrooms over the coming months.

Honaunau Workshop, Sunday October 27th 1-5pm

Kapa’au Workshop, Sunday November 17th 1-5pm

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One comment on “Grow Your Own Mushrooms
  1. Marcy at One Island says:

    Beautiful oyster mushrooms from the 10/27 workshop at One Island have emerged and are full trumpets for Thanksgiving! It is fascinating to see how they emerge from the end of a hollow straw and them become full sized stalks and heads. Thanks Zach! Interestingly, some shiitake done Sept 2013 – over a year ago – are just starting to emerge, so, be patient!

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