Hawaii Farmers Union Meeting – Kohala


Kohala introduction to the

Hawaii Farmers Union United

Thursday, August 14th

6pm, Old Courthouse in Kapa’au

The Hawaii Farmers Union is part of a nationwide organization that is closely aligned with many local food grower’s interests: building healthy soils, growing and selling nutritious and organic foods.

Come learn about the Hawaii Farmers Union, what they stand for and what they have to offer Kohala farmers.

Current farmers, gardeners and land owners wanting to begin or expand operations are welcome – your voice is Wanted! 

A Kohala Chapter is forming.

From the HFUU:

“With over 500 members Hawai‘i Farmers Union United (HFUU) is growing on the islands of Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Maui, and on Hawai‘i Island in Kona, Ka‘u and Kohala.  We are not a labor union, but an organization of smallholder, family farm oriented businesses and those who support us.  HFUU’s cooperative, education and legislative efforts are particularly focused on the development of “regenerative” agriculture.

HFUU and its Chapters are constituent elements of the storied National Farmers Union (NFU).  Founded in 1902, NFU is the oldest organization in the United States of family farm owners and managers and those who support them.  NFU, HFUU and its Hawai‘i Chapters are dedicated to promoting the interests of the family farm through education, cooperation and legislation.

The National Farmers Union fostered the farm cooperative movement of the early 20th Century United States. It is a history HFUU plans to continue by working to restore organic matter back to the soil to support new crops with fewer imported amendments at reduced cost and increased profit. This idea is growing among all the counties of Hawai‘i and their traditional na ahupua‘a (mountain to sea land districts). ”


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