4. Kohala Forum: Community Infrastructure

Name two top concerns you have about Kohala’s community scale infrastructure pertaining to food, health or wellness?

7 comments on “4. Kohala Forum: Community Infrastructure
  1. HR says:

    Open access and support to grow food ans animal husbandry.

    More bike lanes / walking opportunity

    Stop spraying round up

  2. DW says:

    Lack of quality, healthy food at a good price at stores in small towns

  3. SF says:

    1) Affordability
    2) Quality health care

  4. SC says:

    Hope that medical insurance covers natural instead of conventional medicines.

  5. IS says:

    Nutrition education among youths

  6. BS says:

    Lack of sustainable planning.

  7. JG says:

    Lack of organic food stores in Kohala

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