One Island Workshops & Events

Since opening in 2009, we’ve been busy! Enjoy the depth and diversity of the locally-grown and interwoven sustainability topics listed below. We hope a look at these events will inspire you to find – or host – similar sustainability-themed programs where ever you live. Steal this idea – Please!


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Art + Food + Farm = Sustainability Learning!

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One Island Classes, Workshops, Presentations and Events


  • Wild Food Foraging with Sunny Savage
  • Welcome Pollinators with Zach Mermel
  • Grow your Own Oyster Mushrooms with Zach Mermel
  • Squash and Awe with Anna Peach
  • Chocolate Chocolate!
  • We’re Going on a BEE Hunt!
  • Same Canoe Launch – Local Food Celebrations
  • Farm tour of the Algood Farm
  • Film Nights at the Public Library – Ingredients: Hawaii, Vanishing Bees, Fruit Hunters
  • Same Canoe booths at Hawi Farmers’ Market, Kona Sunset Market, South Kona Green Market, Hawi Block Party, Kona Town Market Night
  • Solar Survey Presentation to Village of Miloli’i
  • Fruit and Food tree and Shrub Sales in Hawi and South Kona
  • Keiki Art and pollinator Tents at the Farmers’ Markets



• Introduction to the Same Canoe Community Garden Project
• Permaculture Forest Gardens with Steve Sakala
• How to Grow your Own Mushrooms with Zach Mermel
• Sustainable Papermaking with Susan O’Malley
• Print making from Nature with Andrea Pro
• Photography Composition with Kathy Carr
• Grey Water Systems with Anna Birkus
• Water is the Source of Life with Lanakila Mangauil
• Seed Saving and Seed Bank, Kohala
• Symphony of the Soil film and presentation, Hamakua
• Symphony of the Soil film and presentation, Kohala
• Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency
• Sustainability Innovation Challenge, Island wide
• Kohala Green School
• Kona Green School
• Mauka to Makai Watershed Tour, Kealakekua with Rick Bennett
• Mauka to Makai Watershed Tour, Ka’u with John Replogle
• Water and Energy Systems Tour with Richard Russell and Star Seed Ranch
• Art in the Garden Showcase
• Womens Wellness Day with Hallie Iglehart
• Womens Art Retreat with Pais
• Volunteer Wednesdays
• Chocolate Chocolate! Honaunau
• Chocolate Chocolate! Kohala
• SolFest Celebration
• Community Wellness Festival with 8 presenters
• School and youth group field trips and work days
• Procession of the Species, Earth Day
• Solar Cook Off, Mango Festival
• AmeriCorps at Avocado Festival
• Honaunau School Garden Volunteer Days
• Hookena School Volunteer Days
• Miloli’i Village Solar Refrigeration and Cook Classes
• Awakening the Dreamer Symposium
• Journey through the Universe (Brian Swimme) film night
• DrumSpeak Circle
• Winter Solstice Fire Circle
• 13 Grandmothers
• Where Does Kona’s Water Come From with County Water Dept.
• Kohala’s Water with County Water Department
• Medicine at Your Feet w/ David Bruce Leonard
• Ancient Hawaiian Sustainability w/Noa Lincoln
• Starting an Organic Garden – Yes You Can! with Una Greenaway
• Mauka to Makai – Watershed Field Trips
• Butterfly and Honey Bee BUZZ Breakfast and presentations
• Origin of Plants with Raven Bolas
• Ethnobotany with Kat Harrison
• Natural Farming with Drake Weingart
• Growing Greens with Greg Smith
• Coconut Festival
• Natural Inputs and Best Tools w/ Gerry Hebert & Bob Shaffer
• School Gardens with Nancy Redfeather
• Micro Soil Nutrition with Jana Bogs
• Origins of Chocolate with Madre Chocolate
• Aquaponics Tours in Honaunau, Waimea and Hamakua
• Vermiculture and Composting
• Growing Up! Raised Beds
• Fruit Lovers Festival with Ken Love
• Bio char with Josiah Hunt
• YES!! Youth Empowerment for Sustainability Camp
• SolFest
• Mango Madness
• Solar Cooking
• Jams and Jellies
• Making Soy Sauce and Tempeh
• How to Make Chocolate with Madre Chocolate
• Fruit Lovers Festival
• The Art of Tea with Maun Kea Tea
• Making Kombucha
• Fermented Foods
• Raw and Living Foods
• Green Tour – Bamboo Building
• Green Tour – Hi’ilani
• Tamale Making Workshop
• Green Tour – Algood Farm and Bamboo Barn
• AmeriCorps NCCC and VISTA
• Goodwill Service Learning
• WHEA Charter School Field Days and Camp with Ben Duke
• Chocolate Magic with Ginni Mahon
• Botany of Desire film night
• Dirt! film night
• Real Dirt on Farmer John / CSA film nigh

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  1. Dear One Island,
    I am highly interested in working with your organization in any of your Washington, California, or Hawaii locations. If there are currently any positions available, whether they are full-time, part-time, temporary, or even volunteer, I am deeply interested in getting involved. I have a wide variety of skills and I would like to work with One Island in any way possible. I have editorial, educational, social, environmental, technical, and organizational skill sets that could enable me to take on a variety of different roles. From your website, I can see that you have an editorial team and produce newsletters. If there are any editorial or written content positions available, I would love to get involved in any way I can. I am also open to teaching classes, promoting educational programs, organizing events, supporting environmental programs, or providing general organizational support in any form that I can. I am also willing to get my hands dirty if you need more people working with the land. I am highly passionate about everything your organization stands for and I am ready and able to relocate to California, Washington, or Hawaii depending upon where you may need me the most. I have attached a picture of me, and you can find my resume on LinkedIn at Please email me or call me at 720-209-6333.
    The opportunity to support One Island means a lot to me and I look forward to hearing from you,
    Angela Mergentime

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