Same Canoe Leadership Award

Local Sustainability Leaders in Hawaii deserve recognition for their passionate and unflinching dedication to facing and solving our greatest challenges. To date, One Island has presented hand crafted, koa wood ‘We are all in the Same Canoe” paddles to Nancy Redfeather and Ken Love, and dedicated the Sustainability Innovation Challenge to Guy Toyama.

garden teeachers 50 crop

Nancy Redfeather has poured exceptional energy into the sustainable agriculture and food issues on the Island of Hawaii, and statewide.Sceince teachers, organic gardening teacher, seed sovereignty champion and leader of the Hawaii Island School Garden Network, she is a true Garden Goddess and a deeply inspiring change agent.

We are ALL in the Same Canoe


ken award

Ken Love, a leader in the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers organization, has been traveling the world in search of viable and exotic fruits that can be grown to increase food resources, globally and in Hawaii. Beloved by hundreds of people in dozens of countries, Ken is a passionate local food and farm business champion who is touching thousands of lives.

In Memory Of Guy Toyama, sustainability leader with a generosity of heart and spirit – and an amazing mind working on developing hydrogen fuel transportation, Friends of NELHA energy lab leadership, and bringing diverse constituents into productive collaborations.

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