Same Canoe Local Food Challenge

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Double Your Local Food Purchases & Meals!

Support Farmers’ Market, Grocery Stores and Restaurants promoting LOCAL Foods!

Join us for fun Food & Nutrition Classes . DIY Workshops . Farm Tours

Farmer/Chef Events

serving North & South Kona, North & South Kohala, and Hamakua Regions



passport cover 042618 722018-2019 Local Food Challenge Passports are now available! Click on events calendar link above to learn where to get yours.

SNAP/EBT Households, learn about free produce coupons for North and South Kohala, Hamakua, North and South Kona.

What is the Local Food Challenge? 

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What will Hawaii look like when we reach a 50% local food goal? How will we get there? The Same Canoe Local Food Challenge is a new initiative aimed at encouraging more local food buying choices and purchases island wide.


The Local Food Challenge encourages everyone to DOUBLE their local food purchases at farmers’ markets, grocers, restaurants and cafes. Connecting farmers, grocers, farmers’ markets, cafes and food buyers in a proactive Double It! Food Challenge, the initiative brings consumers and food system players together in a unified effort to ‘Grow Local, Buy Local, Eat Local’.


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All island households, food producers and restaurants are welcome to join the Challenge.



hana 1Take the Local Food Survey. Through the Food Challenge, Island families will get to know their farmers, enjoy fresh and nutritious foods, discover the fun of attending a Farmers’ Market or subscribing to a CSA, and can take food classes and farm tours. Local farmers in turn will be direct beneficiaries of these food purchases with the goal of building demand for locally grown fresh and value added foods that help build our green economy.


Eat Well . Be Well . Live Well



Challenge stakeholders include: West Hawaii Community Health Centers, Hamakua-Kohala Health, Island Naturals, Choice Mart, Healthways, Island Heart Care, Hui Malama Ola Na Iwi,  the Kona Chapter of Hawaii Farmers Union United, Local Farmers’ Markets (in Hamakua, Hawi, Waimea, Kona and Captain Cook), Takata Store, Kohala Grown Market, the Food Basket, local schools and school gardens, Adaptations, and One Island, a non-profit program of Heritage Ranch, Inc.


 Click here to review the successful 2015-2016 Program activities



One Island Classes and Events since 2009
In Hamkua, Kohala and Kona
Open to All Ages – Families Welcome
• Learn about the Local Food System
• Expand your Home Garden
• Microgreens and Smoothies
• Take a class at the Farmer’s Market or local School Garden
• Healthy Local Food Ferments
• Fresh Fruit Kombucha
• Go on a fun U-Pick Farm Tour
• Dryland Taro Tour and Taro Burgers
• Raw Veggie Noodle Making
• Farm-to-Fork Dining with Music
• Bokashi and Worms for Composting
• Ono Grinds – Healthy Local Foods
• Grow Your Own Mushrooms
• Aquaponics and Vegan Veggies
• Herbal Teas and Low Acid Coffee
• Recipe Contests
• Forest Garden Permaculture
• Solar Dehydrating and Cooking
• Discounts at local food cafes
• Soil Regeneration Methods
• Make Tempeh, Tofu and Miso
• Learn about Blue Zone longevity
• Fresh Eggs and Cheeses
• Hawaiian Chocolate
• Discover Polynesian Canoe Crop food recipes
• Thought Provoking Films
• Bee Magic and Wellness


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For information email or call 328-2452

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