Same Canoe Vendor Guidelines

VENDORS: How Same Canoe’s ‘Buy One Fresh / Get One Local’ Works for You
GOAL Our goal is to increase food security by directly funding over $52,000 in direct sales to farmers on the Island. Overall, the project will generate over $104,000 in food sales.
Here are the guidelines for vendors (farms and value added):
1) Same Canoe is a non-profit project providing innovative community education and organizing to raise awareness of local farm grown products available through partner Farmers Markets, CSA and Food Stands.
2) We will have booths at Farmers Markets and Ag Festivals that market member farms and will actively showcase member products to help market your brand more widely at markets, in advertising and online.
3) SNAP EBT users who enroll are offered incentives via matching coupons to come buy local food from enrolled vendors. We have funding for 600 families. If you offer your customer a receipt for regular EBT purchases, they can use that receipt – or one from any grocery store – to show fresh produce purchases as the matching for the free food coupons. $30 in produce receipts paid with EBT = 3 $10 local food coupons.
4) Your booth will install a Same Canoe sign each week to identify you as an approved vendor (provided by Same Canoe).
5) With their $10 coupons in hand, EBT customers will come to your booth or stand to make purchases. They must buy at least $10 from each farm or vendor.
6) Allowable items that EBT Same Canoe users can purchase from your booth or stand are Island Grown:
• Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Eggs, Mushrooms,
• Nuts, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Honey
• Jams, Salsa, and Sauces that contain 51% or more Hawaii grown ingredients.
• Fruit and Vegetable Seeds and Seedlings (incl. small fruit trees).
7) Vendors must write their business name/date on the back of the coupon.
8) You will collect your coupons and turn them in as instructed  to receive a check for your sales amount (plus postage if mailed).
9) Same Canoe will track levels of coupon-derived sales per vendor, per customer, and provide useful reporting to vendors and market hosts.
We also invite farms to host pick-your-own classes and tours, how-to-prepare-it cooking and preserving classes, and farmer-chef meals that follow you-pick customer engagement events. We will market your events and guarantee min. head counts.
EBT participants must live in North or South Kona, Ka’u or North Kohala. If you, as a farmer, qualify for SNAP EBT, you can also qualify to buy products from other vendors (but not your own products). Farm workers likewise that qualify for SNAP can buy from other vendors.
REDEMPTION LOCATIONS South Kona Green Market, Kona Sunset Market, Hawi Farmers’ Market, Kohala Grown, Da Box CSA (Food Basket) & Fresh Feat CSA (Adaptations).
TIME FRAME All transactions with buyers must be completed by 2/15/2016 and submitted for reimbursement no later than 2/25/2016.
Contact: 328-2452

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