Good Medicine for Kona: Food and Plants for Health and Wellness

tumeric sq Good Medicine

Sunday’s 11am at the South Kona Green Market or Amy Greenwell Garden.
Free to everyone and start at 11am unless otherwise noted.

For our Same Canoe EBT coupons users, each presentation you attend earns you a $10 free local produce coupon for use at the Farmers’ Market. Be sure to sign in at the presentation to earn coupon.

January 10th
Ancient Hawaiian Canoe Food Plant Tour
at Amy Greenwell Garden, 1pm, $5 fee paid at the Garden Visitor Center.

Food and Medicinal Plant Sale
at the Same Canoe booth, benefits Kona Pacific Public Charter School Garden.

January 17th
Happy Gut with Probiotics with Stacey Sheppard, L.Ac
Recent research indicates the health of our gut has a direct influence on our physical and psychological well being and pro biotics are the key to a happy gut. Learn how to incorporate more pro biotics in your diet and life.

January 31st
Fermentation for Health, 10-noon
Learn to make fermented foods and beverages for improved health with Kunekai Farm.

February 7th

Raw Food Ho’opomaika’i Community Health Movement
Learn Blue Zone practices for healthy living shared by Jodi Leslie, PhD, Dietician, Univeristy of Hawaii and co-founder of Ho’opomaika’i.

Plant Pure Nation
Patti Eames, RN, explores benefits of a plant based diet for heart and overall health and wellness.

Vegan Aloha
Plant based food tastings with Vegan Aloha founder Alessandra Rupar – including vegan macnut cheese.

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